Monoxide is the third album from Charlottetown's Shawn Martin and his second and final vocal album. Like the previous vocal album, Monoxide deals with different situations including the afterlife, breakup, poisoning, unrequited love, contemplation, time and many others.
Monoxide - Shawn Martin - 01/11/12 - Experimental Rock - SR71 Records
All music composed by Shawn Martin, except track 7, composed by Kevin MacLeod
All lyrics by Shawn Martin
Recorded, mastered and edited by Shawn Martin

Recorded at Joseph James Studios, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

All music composed from 2008, except;
"Word Described by a Letter" "Throwing Out the Trash" and "Hurt. Damage. Devastate." composed in 2008.
All vocals recorded from 2008 to 2010.

All lead and backing vocals performed by Shawn Martin

All music, excluding track 7, composed using FL Studio
All vocals recorded using GoldWave
All music mixed, edited and mastered using GoldWave

Track 7 arranged by Shawn Martin
"They Say I'm Troubled (The 2009 Version)" remixed and edited by Shawn Martin.

© 2012 SR71 Records
Published by Solar Red Publishing