The debut album from Charlottetown-born Shawn Martin. Created using Windows-based platform program Fruity Loops for the music; this 11 track album is sure to make you think of music in a new way. The tracks on this album describe different situations including love, hate, murder, fear, conceit and even mental illness. You are in for one insane mind-puzzling experience!
Deoxide - Shawn Martin - 02/12/08 - Experimental Rock - SR71 Records
All music and lyrics by Shawn Martin
Recorded, mastered and edited by Shawn Martin

Recorded at Joseph James Studios, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

All music recorded from 2004 to 2008
All lyrics recorded in 2008, except;
"The Man" recorded in 2004,
"Motherf***er, Die!" "In My Soul" and "Is This a World of Questions?" in 2007

All music composed using FL Studio, except;
"The Man" composed using GoldWave

All vocals recorded using GoldWave
All music mixed, edited and mastered using GoldWave

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